6 Easy steps for weight lose for the summer

Summer is just around the corner!

 It’s important to stay fit, healthy and strong all year round yes, but many people find an extra boost of motivation this time of year to get there bodies in better shape or add a new goal into there training plan.

So here’s a few tips to help you keep it lean this summer…

1. Ditch the diets

If you really want to change your body and stay healthy, fit, strong and lean, you need to ditch the low-calorie, quick-fix diets, like shakes and meal replacements – they just don’t work in the long term. Yes, you can lose weight initially with a big drop in calories, but you will return to your old eating habits and put any weight lost back on after your holiday etc, make habits, they last longer…

Remember, fat loss is a journey not a race.

2. Alarm set for winner o’clock

Early  morning training sessions are great, especially in the summer. Training early in the day wakes you up, gives you loads of energy and there’s nothing better than getting up on a sunny morning a smashing a hard session before work or the day you have planned.

If you can’t train the morning, that’s fine – it’s all about finding what works best for you and fits into your lifestyle.

3. Training Intensity

High intensity interval training (HIIT) as it’s the best way to burn off unwanted fat and it will send your energy levels through the roof. One of the great things about HIIT workouts is that you don’t need much equipment and you only need as little as 20 minutes – so even if you’re super busy you can find time to workout.

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3. Prep like a boss

You can’t out train a bad diet, so no matter how hard you workout, you need to fuel your body with lots of good food.  Prepare and plan your meals in advance. It is making a healthy HABIT to make and cook foods fresh. Cook meals for the week and freeze some to save time and cleaning up after yourself.

Prepping your meals like a boss will help you to fuel your body with the right food and avoid those unhealthy meals on the go.

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4. Stay hydrated

A lot of people underestimate the importance of hydration when it comes to fat loss, and drinking plenty of water is one of the easiest steps you can take for a healthier body and mind. Start drinking early in the morning and aim to drink between 3-5 litres per day – depending on your body size. This may seem like a lot but trust me it really will help your body stay lean. Some of the other benefits of drinking lots of water include: healthier skin, teeth and bones, improved digestion, reduced fatigue and increased fat metabolism.

Tip: If you don’t like the taste of water try adding some lemon or mint for flavour.

5. Train with a buddy

Training with someone else is great way to keep you motivated and to help you stick to your training schedule. If you commit to training with someone you are less likely to skip a workout and you can also push each other to train harder. You don’t need to do every workout with a partner, but even committing to one or two sessions per week can help you stay on track. Don’t be scared to ask a Personal Trainer or Gym staff member for help and guidance.


6. Sort your snacks out

Snacking is often people’s biggest downfall when it comes to eating well and getting lean. Try and eat 4-6 healthy meals everyday which will take away the urge to snack throughout the day.

But when your energy levels are low and you do need something to snack on, go for some of these healthier alternatives to keep you on track, protein shake or bar, a handful of nuts, an apple or a handful of fresh berries.

 Now let’s get #JustActive


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