It’s one of the top reasons that I hear from clients as to why they struggle to lose weight and stick to a healthy eating plan.  We all get them – even people who are very disciplined with their diets such as bodybuilders or athletes but it is how we deal with these cravings that makes the difference.


You don’t need to struggle or feel deprived when trying to lose weight.  These are my top tips I give my clients to help them get through those late-night sugar cravings.


  • FLAVDROPS – these are calorie free flavourings available from

THESE  ARE  AMAZING!!!  There are over 17 flavours ranging from vanilla to peanut butter.  I add these into my porridge to give it that sweetness without the added sugar.  They are also great in fat free natural yoghurt; a glass of milk for a refreshing milkshake or even your coffee.  These FlavDrops contains zero calories and are compatible with all your training goals from embarking on a weight-loss journey to competing on stage.  My absolute favourites are vanilla and toffee.


  • HARTLEY’S SUGAR FREE JELLY – If you’re sitting late at night and suddenly you take an urge for a sweet treat these are a great emergency snack to have in your fridge.


  • SUGAR FREE JUICE – Sometimes it’s not that you are craving something sweet, it is your body telling you it is dehydrated and you need to drink some water. I always ask clients to drink a pint of water before reaching for something to eat.  If after 20 mins they are still hungry then they can look at consuming their next meal/snack.  If you are like me and struggle with plain old water, why not add a splash of sugar free juice to help.


  • AMINO CHEWABLES – Energy on the go! These are chewable tablets packed with amino acids which help build muscle, contain caffeine to promote energy and focus, and beta alanine to increase endurance. These seriously helped me get through my daytime sugar cravings when I was prepping for my fitness show.


  • PROTEIN JELLY SWEETS – These are my latest discovery! My complete weakness lies with jelly sweets and by chance I recently discovered these Pandy sweets.  OMG – unbelievable!!   These are a range of delicious protein “sweets” that taste just like your favourite tangy supermarket ones but are actually good for you!  They’re packed with protein, BCAA’s, with zero sugar and zero gluten!  You can get these from


  • BIO GLUCO CONTROL BLOOD SUGAR MANAGEMENT – This food supplement contains Chromium which is an essential part of the metabolic process that helps regulate blood sugars and helps insulin transport glucose into the cells where it can be used for energy. We currently have this supplement in stock within the gym, just ask at reception.



However, on a daily basis the best way to control your blood sugars is to control how you fuel your body.  Below are some pointers to incorporate into your daily routine: –


  • Avoid all processed foods and only eat freshly cooked meals incorporating protein (meat/fish), fibre (vegetables), low GI carbohydrates (basmati rice, sweet potato, quinoa) or fat (avocado, brazil/cashew/walnuts, salmon).


  • Boost your serotonin (your “happy hormone”) which can be achieved through regular exercise, healthy diet and a good sleep schedule.


  • Satisfy your sweet tooth naturally by using some of the suggestions above, as well as using Stevia instead of refined sugar or simply adding fresh fruit into your daily diet.


  • Drink plenty of water, aiming for 2-3 litres a day.


  • Keep blood sugars stable by eating smaller meals on a more regular basis rather than 3 larger meals.


  • Have plenty of greens which are loaded with nutrition to help boost your energy.


It takes approximately 28 days to change a habit, so why not take the “NO SUGAR FOR 30 DAYS CHALLENGE” and help kick-start your fitness journey to a better and healthier version of YOU!



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