A lot of people have these excuses as to why they don’t exercise, and one that seems to creep up all the time is that “MY SCHEDULE IS TOO BUSY”.

Well I’m about to give you a few ways to stop that being an issue…

Everything that I am about to mention is based round one thing- REPRIORITIZING!!!

MOTIVATION is going to be key and come above everything else here. It’s easy to tell yourself that you’re going to do this or that. But if you don’t have the commitment to make it happen, then it won’t.

So here we go…

1. Get up a little bit earlier.

I can already hear some of you moaning, groaning and probably even laughing saying to yourself, “Good joke! I already get up early enough! I don’t want to add anything else into my morning routine! And definitely don’t want to make my day any longer than it already is!”
As I said it takes MOTIVATION more than anything else, to add exercise to your schedule.
Get up 30 minutes earlier in the morning and squeeze in a little workout in before you shower, or if your work is close enough to where you live then walk to work. IT’S THAT SIMPLE!
Not only will this help keep you in shape. It also has a multitude of health benefits, helps you wake up faster, stay awake during the day and have that feel good feeling to carry you through that BUSY SCHEDULE.

2. Shorten your lunch break.

Instead of heading out to your favourite restaurant during the day, pack yourself a healthy lunch. This will give you extra time at lunch to go for a walk with some body weight exercises mixed in along the way, then have that healthy packed lunch afterwards. If there is a gym close to your work then you may even be able to get a gym workout in on your lunch break instead.
Exercise during your lunch break will improve your focus for the rest of your day. It also means that you’re not simply sitting down for the whole day.
If your lunch is usually a social time for you, this doesn’t mean that you should miss out on that. Get the others involved and push each other. That will make it easier.

3.Play about with those daily tasks.

If your day is simply jam-packed, you work through your lunch and you can’t think of a single minute to spare for exercise- that’s ok.
Let’s free up some time for you. (This time is going to be for exercise. Don’t think of filling it with anything else.)
Let’s start by making a list of those things you do day in, day out without fail- yes that includes showering, doing your hair and YES checking your Facebook. Now I want you to look and see where you can save time- every minute counts here. Can you knock a few minutes off your shower time? Spend less time checking Facebook? Email people in groups rather than individually? Just silly little that you never thought would make that much of a difference. If you saved 4 minutes by having a shorter shower in the morning, scroll through Facebook for just 5 minutes less at different stages during your morning routine, and save a couple of minutes on those emails- say even just 3 minutes. That adds up to 12 minutes freed up from just 3 daily activities. That is over a 3rd of the way to a 30 minute workout blast or even a 5th of the way to a 1 hour workout. STARTING TO LOOK ACHIEVABLE? THAT’S BECAUSE IT IS ACHIEVABLE! If you are MOTIVATED to make it happen.

4.Combine exercise with something else.

If you have tasks that aren’t too intensive that you do daily, you can combine your exercise with those tasks.
Those tasks could be reading, doing a little brainstorming, or whatever else you need to get done. If you have a stationary bike or a treadmill, this is most ideal, as you can focus a little more easily if you want to do these tasks traditionally.
However, there are other options that will let you have more freedom during your exercise time. You could listen to podcasts instead of reading if you can find some that are relevant to your work, record yourself saying your brainstorming using your phone and some headphones with a microphone instead of writing it down or even write stuff down or read during your rest periods.

So, there you have it. 4 ways that you could fit exercise into your BUSY SCHEDULE. This may not work for everyone and it is only a few ideas. Also, you don’t have to only use one method, you can mix them together. Get up earlier one day, don’t go out for lunch and workout during your lunch break the next day. Again, like I said at the start- it is simply about being MOTIVATED to find the time each day.

Basically, if you can effectively divide your time throughout your day. Then you are well on the way to including exercise in your BUSY SCHEDULE.


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