10 Most Common New Years Excuses

So you started the New Year on the right foot by setting some resolutions, but making one is pointless if you’re not going to at least have a proper go at it. Let’s get those poor excuses out of the way and get you back on the right track.


#1 Not enough time for exercise

Most of us are awake for at least 16 hours a day, surely you can find some time for a workout of some description… Leave the house earlier and walk or cycle to work?


#2 I can’t afford it

Not all of us are well off but getting fit doesn’t have to cost money. Do you have stairs in your house? Is that washing basket full of clothes heavy? What about the cupboards… anything in there you could use?



#3 I can’t give up

Drink, Cigarettes, Chocolate, Take-Outs…whatever it is, the more you say I CAN’T, the more you will

start to actually believe yourself. If the cravings are really that bad, then at least try to cut back.


#4 I haven’t got enough time to eat healthily

Does it really take you any longer to eat an apple/banana as it does to eat a cookie or a chocolate bar?

Clearly it doesn’t… Same goes for slapping a salt-filled ready meal into the microwave/oven against chopping a few fresh

vegetables and giving them a quick stir fry. Healthy eating isn’t that time consuming. You’d probably have to wait just as long for a pizza delivery anyway!!


#5 I’m too tired

Is the real reason you are tired because you… Work too hard? Poor diet? Lifestyle habits? Lack of exercise? It’s a Catch-22 situation – feeling tired and not exercising – you’ll just keep feeling tired. Break that cycle…get tired of feeling tired and do something.


#6 I’m too big to exercise

Despite what they say, size doesn’t matter, but your health does. What’s that worth to you? OK, so if you’re massively overweight and haven’t exercised for some time, it’s probably best to get checked out before starting. Most people get started simply by doing some walking.


#7 I’m too self-conscious to exercise

You know…..most people are too busy getting on with their own lives to spare anything more than a passing glance at anyone else in the street let alone the gym. If your shyness is a real problem, then exercise at home. Failing that, our Mind Coach Kenny Falconer could help.


#7 I can’t be bothered

Motivation is a genuine problem and one of the first things to go when trying to follow a goal. Set goals with a friend; they could help encourage you. If one of you doesn’t feel like going, then the other person will surely drag the other one out. Don’t choose someone you know is just as lazy as yourself though!


#8 I’ve got kids

Yes, you’ve got kids, and yes they can be time-consuming and a great excuse not to stick to your resolutions. But everyone needs a break from the little darlings, so offload them for a short while with a family member, friend or neighbour and allow yourself an hour or so for an exercise-related activity or class. Can’t get away from the kids…. then get them involved. Exercise together.


#9 I’m busy with work

‘Work to live, not live to work’ You might be committed to your career or with the need to earn money, but make time to commit to yourself.


When you feel like quitting, think about why you started

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