You Are Not A Gargoyle!

We spend all day gawking at screens hunched over like gargoyles. Behind the wheel we damn our fellow man from an unnatural posture as stress hormones coarse through our veins. We consume food from a production line with packaging that appeals “no artificial flavours” like a blameless politician boasting of “no corruption” among crooks. In the evening we slip on our high tech foot cushions and make our way to a room lit by burning mercury, to lift things up and down in the hopes it will justify the burn out that leaves us debilitated.
It’s a bleak outlook on our modern life and I haven’t written this just to preach doom. I want to help you exorcise the demons of stress and over-stimulation which lay burden on our very soul.

So settle down and I’ll give you a few tips. I’ve many more to share too so if you’re interested get in touch, stop by the gym for a chat or send me a message I’m happy to help and more positive than I may be coming across.

Bum Clenches – When you’re sitting engage your glutes regularly to counteract their over relaxation. The glutes are atrophied and under active in nearly everyone.

Relax and Squat – Spend as much time in a squatted position as you can. It’s the body’s natural way of waiting at rest. Many Asian cultures still do it; it puts our body’s in a position that promotes hip health rather than hinder it (as sitting in a chair does).

Chin Up – For two reasons, more obviously you need the neck to be aligned with the spine for good posture. Secondly, with your chin up look around, focus on objects far and near. Our eyes weren’t meant to be focused on a 2d screen, doing so makes them weak. Did you know tribesmen in the Amazon nearly all have perfect vision?

Eat Natural – Even if the ingredients are infallible it pays to choose the least processed option. Take nut butter and smoothies, the process of blending these natural ingredients makes them hyper palatable and we over consume them.

Do nothing – Not only did our ancestors have more leisure time, their brains weren’t wired 24/7 amusing themselves with addictive electronics. Sit in silence, go for a dander without the phone or music playing, have a conversation without background noise.

Blue Light – You’ve heard it before, cut the electronics and artificial light an hour or so before bed for a better night’s sleep. If you can manage that, great! For the rest of us technoholics there are a few apps that filter the blue light on your mobile which in turn will make our screens less disruptive. Search “blue light filter” on the app store to find some.

Barefoot – Fashion and redundant research has meant that wearing pillows on our feet has become the norm. Take your shoes off when exercising and wear thin soled shoes without elevation at the heel. This will let you develop the muscles in your feet and redeem your natural gait which can promote healthy movement to protect from injury and imbalance.

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